Tolu twyla as Tolu (Ari's little sister)

BatRadeTandre as Ari (Tolu's older sister)

Carrocks123 as Car (Ari's best friend)

'Cutecoolgirl2000 as Katie ('Colin's older sister)

'Immafatcake as Colin (Katie's younger 'brother)

Baconlover as Lissette

Firefang as Kate

Paperunicorn as Uni

'Soupperson as Soup ('Dil's twin brother)

Dil33 as Dil (Soup's twin brother)

Catalisa53 as Alisha

Ausslyfanatic1 as Helen

OTHER CHARACTERS: Andre, Beck, Lauren, Michael, Jess

(All the girls gather in front on Tolu's house and were waiting for her to hurry so they would find a perfect spot at the beach....everyone's faces look really eager, pumped up, and excited)

Kate: *honks the horn for the fajillion time* Yo...Tolu...hurry up!

Ari: Come on sis....*faces everyone* I really don't know what's taking her so long....she was the first to shower this morning

Alisha: omg...why's she always late when we're going to the beach?

Lissette: Maybe she's scared of the beach?

Helen: ooh...that could be true! Like Ally from austin and Ally!

Everyone: Really?


Tolu: Hey guys! sorry for keeping you so long!

Katie: *face on Ipad* Just get in the car!

Tolu: Yupperoni...let's hit the roads!!!

Everyone: *faces Tolu* huh?

Tolu: I's getting really old!*pouts, and enters the car*

Kate: Hey Tolu...hope you remembered to bring matching bathing suits?

Tolu: WTF? We were supposed to wear matching bathing suits? ooh that explains why everyone is in black and white stripes...and I'm in purple! Why didn't you tell me Ari?

Ari: You were locked in the room dressing for one hour! I thought you knew!

Lissette: Oh Tolu! Luckily I brought a spare bathing suit! Here you go! *gives Tolu bathing suit*

Tolu: Thanks're a fashion saver!

Lissette: no problem!

Car: I can't wait to get to the beach!! Ari what are you going to do when we get to the beach?

Ari: I don't really know...maybe read a novel?

Car: Girl its vacation....we could just go swimming or something?

Ari: True...and then enjoy a beautiful day at the beach!

Tolu: omg...I forgot my sunscreen! Hey Katie...can I have some of your sunscreen?

Katie: *eyes glued on Ipad, editing on this wiki like crazy* sure...I've got some in my bag

Helen: wow Tolu! what were you doing that took you so long?

Kate: probably looking at the mirror....doing nothing!

Tolu: Hey!....maybe?

Alisha: Oh Tolu!

Tolu: *checks Katie bag, brings out what's supposed to be sunscreen* Hey Katie...your sunscreen smells like molden lasagna!

Everyone: wow Tolu! That's a sunscreen from England!

Tolu: I'm not kidding! It smells like somehing familiar that smells bad!

Katie: ugh...give me that! *smells it too* OMG....this is hair remover!

Uni: Hair remover?

Tolu: WTF?

Katie: omg...this has my brother's hand prints all over!

kate: Colin?

Katie: no...Colin can't play a lame trick like could have been Beck!

Car: oh Beck...he's so dreamy!

Everyone: IKR?

Katie: *mumbles* more like a trouble!

Everyone: *chants noisily together*

Kate: *tries to close ears while driving, then stops*

Everyone: why did we stop?

Kate: cos we're already at the beach!!!

Everyone: oh...didn't notice*awkward silence...then everyone starts running out noisily*

Tolu: *gets squished* guys....little help here?

Uni: *sniffs* Time for a perfect day at the beach!

Helen: You got that right!

Car: Common Ari...let's go get a perfect spot at the beach!

Ari: Okay...let's make sure we don't forget anything in Kate's car...

Car: kk

Tolu: wait up guys! You're not finding a spot without us!

Car: ugh Tolu...fine we'll wait for you guys!

Kate: everyone ready?

Katie: I think so...

Lissette: Okay...let's go!


Tolu: let's play truth or dare?

Uni: okay...

Ari: sure!

Car: I don't mind!

Helen: me too

Kate: me three

Alisha: me four

Katie: *editing like crazy*

Tolu: kay, Car truth or dare?

Car: truth!

Tolu: would you make out with Hilary Duff?

Car: umm....duh? Yeah!

Tolu: wow that was easy!

Ari: okay, Lissette, truth or dare?

Lissette: dare!

Ari: *looks around and sees a really bad looking guy* okay...I dare you to tell that guy...he's hot!

Lissette: Hey dude! Yeah you! Has anyone told you you're hot? cos you are!!!

Everyone: wow Lissette!

Lissette: *smiles* thanks guys! I try!

Car: Okay Kate...truth or dare?

Kate: Truth!

Car: you like Hilary?

Kate: no!

Uni: okay...Katie...truth or dare?

Katie: dare!

Uni: I dare you to drop you ipad and enjoy the beach!

Katie: no! I'm trying to win a badge for Wiki expert and decorator!!!!

Helen: oh...this is getting boring!

Alisha: IKR? Let's do something else!

Tolu: what should we do?


All girls:*eyes pop out like how cartoon girls who run head over heels pop* OMG...who are those guys!!!

Katie:*looks up and see her brother Colin* like this day could not get worse! woah...who are those twins coming with him?


Colin: Hey girls!!!

Soup: Hey good lookings!

Dil: what's cooking?

All girls: *eyes get dreamy*

Ari: *goes over and meets Colin* Hey...I'm Ari!

Colin: oh nice to meet you...I'm Colin

Ari: oh cool!

Lisseste: Hey I'm Lissette!

Colin: nice to meet you Lissette! I'm Colin!

Lissette: Did you realize if we match our names together it would make COSSETTE?

Colin: Yeah....that's a cool name

Ari: And did you also realize if me matched our names would make CORI!

Colin: now that I think of would...wouldn't it?

Tolu: and our names will make COLU


Tolu: I spoiled the mood...didn't I?

Lissette: why don't three of us go hang out somewhere else?

Colin: sure

Ari: I don't mind...brb Car!

Car: okay! have fun!

Soup: *goes over to meet Car* Hey! I'm Michael...but you can call me Soup!

Car: Really? I'm Shealyn...but you can call me Car!

Soup: Car...that's a catchy name!

Car: IKR?

Soup: c'mmon, let's go grab some ice cream!

Car: sure...let's go! bye guys!

Dil: I gotta go now guys! I have a date with my girlfriend Lauren...I'll be back later....bye!!!

Tolu: okay...bye have fun on your date!

Dil: You bet I will...Lauren's dad own the bigges restaurant in the city!

Alisha: You mean...TANTALIZERS?




Dil: *smiles proudly* Yup...and we get to have our meals for free!

Helen: whoa...have fun!

Dil: Yup! okay bye now!

Tolu, Kate, Helen, Uni, Alisha, Katie: Bye Dil!

Kate: who's up for swimming?

Helen: I am...

Uni: me too, I'm beginning to feel itchy!

Alisha:'s really hot now!

Kate: wanna come Tolu and katie?

Katie: no...I still have a lot of editing to do...I'll catch you guys later1

Tolu: I'm not really in the mood to swim now!

Alisha: Okay...let's go now!

Uni: bye guys!

Tolu and Katie: bye!!!

Tolu: Hey Katie!

Katie: Hey Tolu!

Tolu: I'm so happy that you're still least I've got someone to talk to....*talks for 10 minutes* bla...bala bbbbllllabbn, you like England? Katie? Katie? Katie?

Katie: Oh Hey Tolu!

Tolu: WTH? I've been talking to you since morning!

katie: Really? oh...I thought you were just singing...

Tolu: O__o

Katie: so what was it you were saying?

Tolu: nevermind...I guess I'll go swimming now! Wanna come?

Katie: oh yeah...I'll join you in 2 hours time!

Tolu: kay kay *leaves and goes to join Kate, Uni, Alisha and Helen swimming*


Lissette: so Colin...what do you do for fun?

Ari: Yeah...sure...what do you like to do during your free time?

Colin: computing....working....more computing...being on this really cool wiki...

Ari: love working on computers? Me too!

Colin: Really?

Ari: Yeah!

Lissette: do you like swimming?

Colin: Yeah...sometimes!

Colin's POV: Why am I blessed with my good looks and smatness? It's a curse I tell ya! It is!!! But hey...CORI and COSSETTE does sound good!

Colin: I'm having a party at my house you guys wanna come?

Ari: Really?

Lissette: You man like a date or something?

Colin:, I'm just inviting you guys and girlriend Maddie will be there!

Lissette and ari: *jaws drop* You....have a girl friend?

Colin: yeah? wait do you guys think I was single?

Lissette and Ari's POV: I guess we should have thought of that considering it's hard to find guys like this being sinle this days!

  • After awkward silence*

Lissette: But COSSETTE Still exists right?

Ari: no...CORI!

Lissette: no COSSETTE


Colin's POV: eye-i-eye!!!

SWIM Scene

Kate: Hey Tolu...get in the water!

Uni: Yeah Tolu...come on!

Helen: Hurry!

Alisha: Yeah Tolu, the water is cool today!

Tolu: okay....but I haven't swimmed in ages...

Kate: stop whinning and start swimming!

Tolu: okay...fine! *enters water*

Helen: You see its not so bad!

Tolu: *pretends to struggle with water...and drown*

Kate: Tolu....


Helen: TOLU!

Kate: are you alright?

Tolu: Help guys...*gulps...coughs and struggles with water*

Helen: I'll go save her

Alisha: no I will...I'm faster1

Tolu: ya!

kate; Oh Tolu...*relieves*

Alisha: LOL

Helen: TOLU!

Soupea scene

Car: wow...I never kew you were Irish!

Soup: Yeah...peolpe say that a lot...maybe they expect me to look like a leprachaun

Car: LOL....You're too funny!

Soup: so are you!

Car: wow...we have so much in common!

Soup: IKR?

Car: so are you on facebook?

Soup: no...

Car: me too...

Soup: LOL

Car: common....let's go over and grab some sushi!

Soup: love sushi too?

Car: Yeah...I love SUSHI!!

Soup: Okay...let's go!

Swimming scene:

Tolu: I wanna go grab some back later

Kate: Yeah me too....I wanna go meet my besty...he just called and told me he's coming to the beach now!

Alisha: okay....have fun...

(Tolu and Kate leaves)

Helen: *looks back)...are those hot swimsuit models staring at us

Alisha: OMG...I think they are!!!

Uni: and they are coming over now!

Swimsuit models: Hey girls...I'm Jake...and this are my friends Calum and Ty

Helen: Hey Jake, I'm Helen

Uni: Hey Calum, I'm Uni

Alisha: Hey Ty, I'm Alisha

Calum: we saw you guys swimming...and we thought you were pretty good swimmers, wanna join us?

Girls: sure!

Tolu walking alone

Tolu: Wow...everyone's having fun in the beach except me! *looks back, ans sees her crush Jess coming over*

Jess: Hey Tolu, what are you doing here?

Tolu: *smiles* Hey Jess...I came here with my friends, what about you?

Jess...oh, I came here with my family! So where are you going to?

Tolu: I wanna go grab some ice-cream...wanna come?

Jess: sure Tolu...let's go

JOLU walks hand in hand together!!!

COSETTE AND CORI is still in process...and SOUPEA is happening....JOLU, MATE, JELEN, CUNI, TALISHA, LYLAN is still going on!

Katie: *finally finishes editing..and got all the badges* OH YEAH.....I KNEW I COULD DO IT!!!!!! Now time for some fun at the beach! *looks around* where is everyone?

(A cute guy walks by, and goes over to meet Katie)

Vincent: Hey...I'm Vincent...what's your name?

Katie: EEEE I'm Katie, and I love your British accent, I'm also from England!

Vincent: Really? You're really pretty!

Katie: Thank you! Hey wanna go over and grab something to eat....if you don't mind...

Vincent: sure beautiful! Let's go!

JOLU scene

JOLU moment still continues, until Andre...her older brother calls

Tolu: Hey big bro'

Andre: Yo lil' sis...what's up?

Tolu: I'm good...I'm at the beach with Ari and our friends

Andre: Oh that's cool...can you tell her to come home? Mom's not home now...and I'm out of pizza money!

Tolu: I don't think she can...she and Lissette are busy fangirling over this guy called Colin...

Andre: Oh man! can you cook?

Tolu: oh andre! yeah I can but am not....

Andre: great...I need you home now! ya lil' sis...say hi to Ari for me...bye!

Tolu: no I meant....hello? hello? wow Andre! I'm sorry Jess I have to go home big brother Andre needs me!

Jess: okay..sure...I'll text you later *hugs Tolu*

Tolu: *enters dreamy world* kk bye!

Tolu goes over to COSSETTE AND CORI world

Tolu: Hey guys!

Ari: Hey lil' sis

Lissette: Hey Tolu

Colin: Hey!

Tolu: Ari...I need to go home now...our big brother Andre wants me to come home now!

Ari: kk...CORI is way better

Lissette: COSSETTE is way better

Tolu: OMG...this is gonna be a long day!

Ari: COSSETTE sounds cooler

Lissete: CORI is better

Ari: wait...what ddi I just say?

Lissette: did I just say Cori?


Lissette: COSSETTE

Tolu: COLU

Everyone: huh?

Tolu: oh God...why does this keep happening? Well I gotta go, bye big sis...I've taken the 70 bucks in your purse*runs*

Ari: bye lil' sis....CORI.....wait WTF Tolu?

Colin: oh....This is gonna be a long day....might as well make myself comfy!


Tolu's POV: Today turned out to be a good day afterall...I mean...everyone had a great time...including me, Ari, Car, Soup, Katie, Kate, Helen, Colin, Lissette, Uni, Alisha, and Dil...I'm so happy we had a great time...even though my day ended shortly! I hope we get to have another day at the beach again...together!


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