Song fic of:Carly Rae Jespen Talk to me(Its a really good song)

Every Morning as I go walkin by,I feel you Looking that’s why I take my time,Oh oh yeah

Robbie walks to school everyday and allways see Jade looking at him but never meets his eyes,as he walks into the school

I can see what’cha you wanna do to me

Robbie sees Jade doodling a picture he peeks a look over her shoulder and sees a pic of a girl with long black hair kissing a guy with culry hair,Robbie*thinks*that’s Rade

You can feel it somethings gonna breakJade turns around and bangs Robbie’s head “clutz” Jade growls and puts her hand against her head.

Im in if your in lets make a big mistake

Robbie*thinks*the worst she can say is no,“Jade wanna have lunch with me at Nozu“ Jade*thinks*im gonna make a huge mistake “Fine Robbie,but your paying”At Nozu

Talk to me why wont you talk to meJade sits at Nozu quietly not saying a word. “eh so what are you going to order ” Robbie asks. Jade remains silentCant you see im burning up when your look like that and Im looking right backJade smiles at Robbie and Robbie catches her eyes and turns red.

Why wont you talk to me walk with me baby

Robbie “Jade why wont you talk to me” Robbie says as he blushes a little less. Jade answers “next time where going on a walk its really cold in here”. Robbie *blushes*.


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