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  • Soupperson1


    September 28, 2012 by Soupperson1

    We all love halloween!!!!! Coz 1.You get loads of sweets or candy 2.You get to be scary n stuff 3.Its Irish! XD

    So heres the plan, taken we can all webcam (We'll find a way kate) we all go on at night turn teh lights off and get a flashlight, and tell "SCARY" XD Stories,and if this happens at least trow on somthing as a costume xD

    Prizes so far include:

    Best pumkin

    Best Coustume

    (More coming soon I hope)

    Why am I making this blog now?

    Coz 1.we need plenty of notice and 2. If this happens DO NOT GET GROUNDED!!!!!!!!! 3.Have your scary stories ready if this happens

    I tried too keep this short and sweet

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  • Soupperson1

    News,Read all,or else

    September 7, 2012 by Soupperson1



    First off Ari's leaving and probally not come back,we'll all miss her deeply,the good news is she'll be on main chat

    But ari leaving will also mean were dropping like flies,and we all may leave soon :(

    Dead Chat

    thanks alot school!

    We have too do somthing about this dead chat 24/7,sign times? i dunno


    We should rp more often,thats one of the points of this wiki right

    I sujest we sign roleplay times and ideas and such,so if you have a great idea we could rp it

    Z! and Car

    Banned forever

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  • Soupperson1

    Song fic of:Carly Rae Jespen Talk to me(Its a really good song)

    Every Morning as I go walkin by,I feel you Looking that’s why I take my time,Oh oh yeah

    Robbie walks to school everyday and allways see Jade looking at him but never meets his eyes,as he walks into the school

    I can see what’cha you wanna do to me

    Robbie sees Jade doodling a picture he peeks a look over her shoulder and sees a pic of a girl with long black hair kissing a guy with culry hair,Robbie*thinks*that’s Rade

    You can feel it somethings gonna breakJade turns around and bangs Robbie’s head “clutz” Jade growls and puts her hand against her head.

    Im in if your in lets make a big mistake

    Robbie*thinks*the worst she can say is no,“Jade wanna have lunch with me at Nozu“ Jade*thinks*im…

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  • Soupperson1


    August 7, 2012 by Soupperson1

    I will probally be gone from today-saturday I will be back on Sunday.

    I also found a song for rade(it would be for bade but the fact rades never kissed)

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  • Soupperson1

    I know Z wont be asked to join but is anyone on the NO! list from the last wiki

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