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  • ReadySetR5

    NOTE: I do not have a Fanfiction account because I dunno how to make fanfics.

    Title: Hollywood Graduations

    • Tori, Cat, Jade, Beck, Andre, and Robbie are in the Hollywood Arts hallway*

    Tori: I can't believe we graduate from Hollywood Arts in two weeks!

    Jade: *turns to Tori* You can celebrate next week, Vega!

    Tori: I'm surprised that Trina hasn't graduated yet!

    Cat: We all can see why.

    Andre: Trina's way too untalented to graduate from a performing arts high school.

    Jade: Agreed.

    Cat: I'm just glad that my boyfriend gave up Rex.

    Robbie: Thank you, Cat!

    Beck: I just wanna do one last play before the graduation.

    Trina: *walks in* Hey guys!

    Tori: Hi Trina.

    Jade: Ugh! Why is she here?!

    Beck: Jade.... come with me. *Jade and Beck walk to the Janitor's Closet to …

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