Ok...So chat has been dead lately...24/7...And we need to put a stop to it. So yeah.

Ways We Can Fix It

  • Whenever you go online, go to Cheeseandcrackers. And if you don't already, there's something wrong going on in your head. XD
  • Always always always go to chat, even if no one is there. A lot of times when no one is on chat, no one even bothers going on there.
  • If you see a C&C Wikian online any other website (Twitter, Victorious Wiki, etc.) tell them to go on chat if they aren't already!
  • Make chat interesting.
  • If you see chat is slow and dying, pump up the jams. :D Pop questions that make you think, interesting topics, that stuff...
  • If you're on Tinychat, try to type the link every once in a while, and try to write something on C&C every 5 minutes.
  • Stop. Doing. Homework. And. Boring. Stuff. Like. That. And. Go. On. Chat.


You're reading instead of chatting. GOOOOOO!!!!

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