Well the very confusing title explains it all. But here is why.

So obviously school is taking a toll on all of us being on chat. Chat has been pretty dead lately because of that. In addition, high school makes you SUPER busy, and my mom is now really strict about my computer usage.

So in addition to school work, I am also testing for my next black belt degree. It is hard to pass the test. And the test is 6-7 hours of work. 6-9ish PM on Friday and 9-12ish AM on Saturday. I need to do a lot of training in the next 6 weeks to be ready for it. The test is in mid-November.

Even MORE to add to that is my working on Drew and other stuff. I feel really passionate about it, and at least some people are actually looking forward to it.

So I am going to have a really busy fall. By winter, my schedule should clear up some, but of course there is still school and producing my shows and movies. So I am not leaving leaving, but I could sometimes be absent for a week, just to let you know.

Sorry if this puts more work on you CCG. I think we (or just you if you want to) should choose another bureaucrat, and show them the ropes.

Of course I still have commitments, and I will stay committed to those. You will get your awards from the VRPCA's on September 29th. And I will still run the Featured of the Month each month. And since I will have more time in the Winter/Spring, I can also run the 2nd VRPCA's in February/March.

Now don't hate more or anything. I need this for my own good, grades, fitness, and happiness. And I AM NOT LEAVING FOREVER OR FULLY. I just won't be on as often and will have long absent periods sometimes. I have been meaning to write this blog for about a week or so, but I just didn't have the guts to. But yes, this is what is happening.

Oh, and Interviews With Users is cancelled. The fourth episode was gonna be Car. And the last one (the mystery one) was actually me. I will probably just post them randomly when I can, if I want to.

So that is all. I won't be resigning as admin or anything, but CCG, we should get another bureau for help. That is all.

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