Colin: What is your favorite Wiki?

Tolu: Obviously this wiki!

Colin: You have 60 seconds to name as many Victorious episodes as you can… and… go!


· Freak the Freak Out!

· Cat's New Boyfriend

· Tori Goes Platinum

· Wi-Fi in the Sky

· Jade Dumps Beck

· Survival of the Hottest

· Tori the Zombie

· The Worst Couple

Colin: Why do you ship your OTP? (Tandré in this case).

Tolu: Cuz they have so much in common, and they obviously spend a lot of time together!

Colin: What’s your favorite color?

Tolu: Yellow.

Colin: If you had to ship your female OTP partner (Tori in this case) with someone else, then who would it be?

Tolu: Beck.

Colin: Why?

Tolu: Cuz I don't want to pair her with Robbie... and Beck's next on my list!

Colin: If you had to ship your male OTP partner (André in this case) with someone else, then who would it be?

Tolu: Cat!

Colin: Why?

Tolu: Cuz she and Andre look kind of pairable! LOL

Colin: What is your biggest fear?

Tolu: LOL.... Embarrassing myself in front of my crush!

Colin: Where should people go if they have a fractured uvula?

Tolu: Go to the doctor!

Colin: How many pickles are put into a 20 ounce jar?

Tolu: LOL...As many as possible....I guess...I don't even eat pickles!

Colin: Would you rather eat a rock or sleep on a bed of cacti?

Tolu: SLEEP ON A BED OF least I won’t go away with a broken tooth!

Next episode is September 1st!

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