Sorry for the 2 day late-ness. Some problems had to be fixed with production and editing. But Episode 4 will be out September 8th!

Episode 3: Uni (Paperunicorn)

Colin: What is your favorite Wiki?

Uni: This one, duh.

Colin: You have 60 seconds to name as many Victorious episodes as you can… and… go!

Uni: The Blonde Squad Breakfast Bunch Sleepover at Sikowitz Andres Horrible Girl iparty with victorious locked up the bird scene stage fighting the diddlybops terror on cupcake street

Colin: ERRG! STOP u cheated. u started typing before I said go


Colin: ahan

Uni: yah got no proof

Colin: fine, then I will end the interview XD

Uni: NOOOOO i'll play for realzies

Colin: ok



Uni: iOpen A Restaurant

Colin: wrong show XD

Uni: ik

Colin: -_- goodbye

Uni: glorby sue

(This interview was cut short due to Uni’s non-cooperation. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

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