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Here is the series premiere of Interviews With Users! This episode: Ari!

NOTE: This is a work of non-fiction. Some parts may have been edited in order to fit or clarify better. Note that this episode was produced before Ari started liking Bori more.

Episode 1: Ari (BatRadeTandré)

Colin: What is your favorite Wiki?

Ari: The Victorious RP Club Wiki!

Colin: You have 60 seconds to name as many Victorious episodes as you can… and… go!


  • A Film By Dale Squires
  • Robarazzi
  • Freak The Freak Out
  • The Worst Couple
  • Tori The Zombie
  • Pilot
  • The Bird Scene
  • André's Horrible Girl
  • Tori Goes Platinum
  • The Blonde Squad
  • Wi-Fi in the Sky
  • Terror On Cupcake Street

Colin: Why do you ship your OTP? (Bat in this case).

Ari: (Colin summarizing) Beck is protective of Cat, as shown in “André’s Horrible Girl” and “Crazy Ponnie”. They have some sort of dynamic that’s… indescribable. That’s why they are my OTP. :)

Colin: What’s your favorite color?

Ari: Green.

Colin: If you had to ship your female OTP partner (Cat in this case) with someone else, then who would it be?

Ari: André.

Colin: Why?

Ari: I don’t like Cabbie, and Candré is cute.

Colin: If you had to ship your male OTP partner (Beck in this case) with someone else, then who would it be?

Ari: Trina.

Colin: Why?

Ari: Because, I like Bori but not enough to ship them, I don't like Bade, and there's nobody left.

Colin: What is your biggest fear?

Ari: Dying early.

Colin: Where should people go if they have a fractured uvula?

Ari: ..........WHAT. THE. FREAKING. CHIZ?!?! IDK!!!

Colin: How many pickles are put into a 20 ounce jar?

Ari: 15? I don’t know. What kinda questions are these? What happened to Victorious questions?

Colin: Would you rather eat a rock or sleep on a bed of cacti?

Ari: Sleep on a bed of cacti. The rock would break my teeth; I could pick out all the thorns from the cactus, even though I'd be sore I'd have all my teeth.

Episode 2 comes out August 25th!

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