Awards 1

This is the first annual Victorious RP Club Awards!!! You voted for an amazing 27 Categories! We have 3 different Branches for our Categories:

  • Victorious Awards (10)
  • Roleplay Awards (8)
  • User Awards (9)

Voting for the finals has closed. But do not worry...

The Awards Ceremony will take place September 8th at 8 PM EST on chat! Be there or be square! And if you can not make it to the Awards, it's okay! The results will be posted here shortly afterwards.


  • Everyone except Ari and I are being demoted to a regular user so we can kick you if we have to. Do not take it personally, and it is only during the awards.
  • No ship warring.
  • No excessive cheering.
  • No spamming.
  • No bashing characters or users.
  • Anything else Ari and I find to be unacceptable will result in a warning.
  • You will get a warning first, then a kick, and after 3 kicks, a ban until the awards are over. We don't want to have to do that, but we will.

Any questions? Contact Colin through email or on his message wall. Good luck!

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