Yo this be Colin, here for a story.

One day, Mr. Colin was strolling through chat with some other folks when Cara blurted out "Hey Colin. Are we gonna have colored comments again?" So CCG and Colin had an admin meeting (Ari was not present during the strolling) and decided to bring back colored comments. *this is where you cheer* So we need you to choose your colors, that being if you want colored comments. It is okay if you wish to not. But there are some rules that have been added now.

1) No colors too bright. It is annoying to the eyes for some people.

2) No red. Or atleast the normal red. In addition to it being hard to read, it also falls under the previous rule.

3) .... Lemme think.... oh, right! No colors too dark. Examples:

  • If you request purple, you will get a lavender.
  • If you request blue, it will be on the lighter side.
  • If you request black, you get gray. How pretty. *yes that was sarcasm*

So leave a comment and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like this saying which color you want and we will get back to you.

~ Victorious RP Club Admins... but mostly me.

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