Hey guys. So yeah, I will be absent much of the next week or so. Hopefully not much more after that. My parents decided that this weekend we would replace my bedroom carpet and paint.

1) I have to move out all of the furniture in my room tomorrow. (August 18th).

2) I will be painting with my mom and dad Sunday. (August 19th).

3) I have to sleep in my sis's room for a couple of days while she sleeps in the basement while my room gets done. I will have less privacy/sneak-on time because of that.

I'm sorry this is happening now, but it was gonna happen sooner or later xD. And do not worry. I have a commitment ot the Wiki Awards and I will be here for it and WILL release stuff on time. Promise. Which reminds me, nominate now before Midnight (August 18th). Any further info will come soon.

- Colin

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