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  • ImmaFatCake

    Hey everyone! Time to vote for the November Featured Articles! Vote below plz. And since we don't roleplay much anymore, now the Featured Roleplay category is closing soon. Featured Articles of December will be the last for Featured Roleplay. User Shipping will also end for December, since basically all user ships have died. So make sure you make every vote count!

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Well the very confusing title explains it all. But here is why.

    So obviously school is taking a toll on all of us being on chat. Chat has been pretty dead lately because of that. In addition, high school makes you SUPER busy, and my mom is now really strict about my computer usage.

    So in addition to school work, I am also testing for my next black belt degree. It is hard to pass the test. And the test is 6-7 hours of work. 6-9ish PM on Friday and 9-12ish AM on Saturday. I need to do a lot of training in the next 6 weeks to be ready for it. The test is in mid-November.

    Even MORE to add to that is my working on Drew and other stuff. I feel really passionate about it, and at least some people are actually looking forward to it.

    So I am going to h…

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  • ImmaFatCake

    • Cat Valentine - 1st Place
    • Jade West - 2nd Place
    • Andre Harris - 3rd Place
    • Trina Vega - 3rd Place
    • Robbie Shapiro - 3rd Place
    • Tori Vega - Nominated
    • Beck Oliver - Nominated

    • Erwin Sikowitz - 1st Place
    • Fawn Lebalwitz a.k.a. Ponnie - 2nd Place
    • Sinjin Van Cleef - 3rd Place
    • Burf - 3rd Place

    • Ariana Grande - 1st Place
    • Victoria Justice - 2nd Place
    • Avan Jogia - 2nd Place
    • Matt Bennett - 3rd Place
    • Elizabeth Gillies - 3rd Place

    • Freak The Freak Out - 1st Place
    • Tori The Zombie - 2nd Place
    • The Diddly-Bops - 2nd Place
    • Sleepover At Sikowitz - 2nd Place
    • Survival Of The Hottest - 3rd Place
    • Rex Dies - 3rd Place
    • Pilot - 3rd Place

    • Ice Cream For Ke$ha - 1st Place
    • Jade Gets Crushed - 1st Place
    • Locked Up! - 2nd Place
    • Beggin On Your Knees - 3rd Place
    • Terror On Cupcake Street - 3rd Place

    • Tori Goe…

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Hey guys! It is time to vote for the featured articles of October! And with the new month of voting comes... User Ship voting! I chose 5 ships for October, but start nominating other ships for November in the comments!

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Sorry for the 2 day late-ness. Some problems had to be fixed with production and editing. But Episode 4 will be out September 8th!

    Colin: What is your favorite Wiki?

    Uni: This one, duh.

    Colin: You have 60 seconds to name as many Victorious episodes as you can… and… go!

    Uni: The Blonde Squad Breakfast Bunch Sleepover at Sikowitz Andres Horrible Girl iparty with victorious locked up the bird scene stage fighting the diddlybops terror on cupcake street

    Colin: ERRG! STOP u cheated. u started typing before I said go

    Uni: DID NOT

    Colin: ahan

    Uni: yah got no proof

    Colin: fine, then I will end the interview XD

    Uni: NOOOOO i'll play for realzies

    Colin: ok



    Uni: iOpen A Restaurant

    Colin: wrong show XD

    Uni: ik

    Colin: -_- goodbye

    Uni: glorby sue

    (This intervie…

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