It was a cloudy night at Tori's house, Where the gang was having a sleepover.(guys are gonna sleep in another room.) They were in Tori's room, saying their goodnights, the guys were just about to go to their room when Tori said, "Hey guys...Com'ere." The rest of them walk over. "Read this article on an Email." But the guys were already gone, and the girls were asleep. "Oh well, I tried". she says and gets in bed. The next morning, when they're all downstairs eating Waffles, An emergency broadcast comes on: ATTENTION. STAY INDOORS AND DO NOT CHECK EMAIL Its says and shuts off. "Hmmm..." Beck says and puts his thinking face on. "Now guys," He says after a while. "If we can't go outside, We're all stuck here. Better call our parents and let them know." When they all have confuzed looks aftter they all hang up, one at a time they say, "No answer" or, "Why didn't they answer?". "Guys, i'm gonna go check on my parents..." Beck says. "I'll be back in a few." Right as Beck leaves, Tori's little 14 and 11 year old brother and Sister come down. (Trina isnt in this one) "COLIN! KATE! PLEASE go back upstairs!" Tori says. "Speaking of siblings, i'd better go get mine." Andre says. A bit later Andre and Beck come back with their siblings. Andre brought his only sister, Ari, Beck brought his Sister and Brother Soup and Car.(screennames, sorry guys :P) Cat leaves to go get her brother Dylan. (Cats REAL brother isnt here either) Jade goes to get her sister Lisette. When we're all back, we sigh, as our siblings are safe, but parents nowhere to be found. "Guys, Come look at this..." Kate and Colin say. They all gasp. Colin found Tori's mom's computer. And on it it said...

                            TO BE CONTINUED!

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