"Woo hoo!" I said as I got out of the car. School ended last week and we all rented a condo on the beach together for the summer. "Yay! We're at the beach!" A bubbly Cat said. "Now now, Lil Red, don't get too happy, we're gettin there!" Andre laughed. "I hate the ocean." Jade complained. "Do you HAVE to be a gank?" I asked her. "Watch it, Vega." She said icily. "Now now, lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Lets just go up to that tenth floor and check out the view!" Andre said and ran to the door. We got our stuff and went after him. "Vega, party of 6." I say and the manager hands us the room keys. We all pile in the elevator with our stuff. I hear Robbie muttering, "Please dont stop, PLEASE don't stop." Looks like he doesn't like elevators. Oh well. When we reach the tenth floor, I look at the keys and mutter:"Tenth floor, room 1003." I look up. Right at the door. "1003! perfect." I say and unlock the door. "Oh my god." Beck says. The room is HUGE! I go explore while the gang gets their bedrooms. "WHOA!GUYS CHECK THIS OUT!" I say as I round a corner and see a JACUZZI! They all come running. I hear a mix of "Whoa!" "OMG" and "SWEET!"'s coming from them. This is going to be an awesome stay.

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