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  • Firefang596


    September 30, 2012 by Firefang596

    Okay, so I know I don't usually carry on a fanfic for too long. I wanna change that. Message me ideas and if I like it ill start it. BEGIN!

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  • Firefang596

    It was a typical day in District 69. I woke up to my lil sis Liz screaming. "Shh shh. It was just a dream Liz." I comforted her. "Your name's only in the poll once. It won't get picked." As i'm walking downstairs our cat Smudge growls. "I'll still shoot you." I says coldly. In the forest I grabs my bow & arrows. I spot a deer. Right as I let the arrow fly, Dylan comes and says loudly, "So how ya doin?" he smiles obnoxiously. "BLARGH IT DYLAN! THAT WAS THE FIRST DEER IVE SEEN IN A YEAR AND NOW I HAVE NOTHING." He sits down and I sit next to him. "Here." he says and tosses me bread. "OH MY GOD!" I say, "IS THIS REAL?" He smirks. "It better be, it cost me a bird." as they're eating, he says "We could go ya know. Away from here." I smirk. "Liz…

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  • Firefang596

    The Fanfic Game!

    August 10, 2012 by Firefang596

    Okay, so heres how it works:

    1) There will be a new topic each week.

    2) write a crazy fanfic using the topic

    3) Message me when you finish!!



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  • Firefang596

    The College Years

    August 7, 2012 by Firefang596

    Day 1

    After YEARS of being on the wiki, when Soup and CCG became of-age to move, they came to America where everyone else is for College. On August 27th, we were all packed and got on the wikia to say our goodbyes. It looked a Little something like this:

    Michrud11 has entered Sikowitz's class!

    ToluTwyla has enteres Sikowitz's class!

    Catalisa53 has entered Sikowitz's class!

    Carrocks123 has entered Sikowitz's class!

    BatRadeTandre has entered Sikowitz's class!

    Dil33 has entered Sikowitz's class!

    ImmaFatCake has entered Sikowitz's class!

    Firefang596 has entered Sikowitz's class!

    Paperunicorn has entered Sikowitz's class!

    Baconlover06 has entered Sikowitz's class!

    Soupperson01 has entered Sikowitz's class!

    CuteCoolGirl2000 has entered Sikowitz's class!


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  • Firefang596

    The Email

    August 6, 2012 by Firefang596

    It was a cloudy night at Tori's house, Where the gang was having a sleepover.(guys are gonna sleep in another room.) They were in Tori's room, saying their goodnights, the guys were just about to go to their room when Tori said, "Hey guys...Com'ere." The rest of them walk over. "Read this article on an Email." But the guys were already gone, and the girls were asleep. "Oh well, I tried". she says and gets in bed. The next morning, when they're all downstairs eating Waffles, An emergency broadcast comes on: ATTENTION. STAY INDOORS AND DO NOT CHECK EMAIL Its says and shuts off. "Hmmm..." Beck says and puts his thinking face on. "Now guys," He says after a while. "If we can't go outside, We're all stuck here. Better call our parents and let th…

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