idk why i keep making blogs here even though ive only made one

i miss this place so much omg i seriously think about everything that happened here all the time

the best thing is looking up carrocks123 on images and seeing the hilarity

probably only ccg will see this since wikia still sends those annoying ass edit messages, which i got from rori wiki the other day ?? 

this wiki has given me lots of great stories to tell people and just lots of stuff and bleh.

so i am bored and just felt like posting this. its still unbelievable that all i did was go on victorious wiki chat one day and all of this happened. fights and everything, i miss all of this. well not the fights.

and i know in 2012/13 i was an annoying bitch so yeah im sorry and i cringe about it everyday so hahaha bleh

idk why im doing this idek byeeee

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