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    August 19, 2012 by Cutecoolgirl2000

    Carrocks123 SHUT UP AND ANSWER ME YOU STUPID PEOPLE!! 2:36 Paperunicorn I love it! 2:36 Dil33 I Saw 2:36 BatRadeTandré ^ 2:36 Paperunicorn we're not stupid 2:36 Carrocks123 JUST STOP AND ANSWER ME 2:36 BatRadeTandré What's the question? 2:36 Carrocks123 AND STOP IGNORING ME 2:36 BatRadeTandré I didn't SEE the question 2:36 Dil33 Thanks Car,So much. 2:36 BatRadeTandré Repeat it and calm down 2:36 Carrocks123 SERIOUSLY I HATE YOU ALL 2:36 BatRadeTandré ..... 2:37 Paperunicorn its a wikia i had to make 2:37 BatRadeTandré Oh lord 2:37 Carrocks123 (ANGRY) 2:37 BatRadeTandré CAR 2:37 Dil33 ...... 2:37 Carrocks123 (angry) 2:37 Paperunicorn -_- 2:37 BatRadeTandré CALM DOWN Repeat the question already! 2:37 Paperunicorn because if not i wouldve bee…

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