Hey guys! I'm hoping that this chapter will be longer and that you guys will like it as much as you like chapter 1! enjoy :D

Soup's POV

How did she know?! I knew we were both going on a cruise, but I didn't tell her that! She must really have studied what I looked like to know it was me! Well, she's here now, might as well make the best of it. "CAR!! Hey! Wanna sit down next to me? Maybe we can watch Lizzie McGuire or something!" I told her. " As long as it's Lizzie McGuire, I'm in!" Car replied. She didn't look at all like I pictured her, but, I still am baffled how this even came to be!

I told Car to sit down with me. She gladly sat, and picked an episode. Those Freaky McGuires. It's her favorite episode, where Matt and Lizzie switch places. It's a good episode. Car laughed. Man, she has the cutest laugh! Do I actually like Car? This is too confusing! I decided to drape my arm over Car, and continue watching the episode. This would be a good flight.



Catalisa53: Guys, I'm going on a cruise tonight! I'm on the plane!

Tolu twyla: Um... me too xD

BatRadeTandre: Me three... xDD

Dil33: Me four....

ImmaFatCake: Me five trillion.

Baconlover06: LMFAO

Baconlover06: Me six.

Cutecoolgirl2000: Me seven, lol

Firefang596: Me eight xD

Paperunicorn: STOP. POOPING.

Paperunicorn: me 9999999999999,999999999999

BatRadeTandre: And didn't Car and Soup say they were too?

Paperunicorn: glorp

Cutecoolgirl2000: Yeah, they did. Well, guess we'll see each other there!


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