Ok,It started On the 22 of August.It was My Dream

WARNING:This contains Boy x Boy.If u no like DONT READ.

And Tom Isint Tom Daley :)


Dylan,Tom,John and Noah were over a sleepover. and they were Playing truth or dare

Ok,Truth or dare John and Noah! Tom askes

DARE! They Both say.

I Dare You..To.....KISS! :D Tom askes

0__0 Dylan Face Reacted

Uhhhh.Okay They both say.willingly

They Uhh *KISS* And They Dont Break apart.

Dylan said.BREAK IT UP! *Slapping them*

They didnt Break Up.Tom and Dylan Walk Inside.Then After 20min They went asleep


Tom and Dylan see John and Noah holding hands and Playing Mario Kart 7.

Hi? Dylan says

They Walk Over To Them.Holding Hands.Still

Guys...We gotta tell you something John said

Huh? Dylan said

Were...Dating Noah says

OMFG. IM SO HAPPY! Dylan says.

0_0 Tom reaction is


Now You just gotta find this.

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