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    This is how she got on Wikia.

    A response to your review at
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. :) 6/11 No problem. I've actually been reading a lot of your Bat fan fics before I got this account, and it's true. Tell me if your parents let you be on, all right? 6/12

    Kay-kay I will. :) I love your profile pic, too. It's from Crazy Ponnie, right? That had boatloads of Bat in it. it was SO cute! ^^ 6/12

    Yeah, I'm a wikier, and I got my pic from there. It's my same avatar from Wikia. :) 6/12

    ) I loved how even though Cat ran to both Beck and André when Jade was chasing her, she hugged and held onto Beck for protection, and he didn't mind. :) My friend Jess and I were saying how she so likes him, on and offscr…

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