Hey guys! So I bear semi bad news. I've decided to take a break from this wiki. School is not only an issue for me, but this whole month is going to be jam packed for me and my family and I won't have much time to be on anyways. Besides all of that, I've been spending a lot of my time on the Victorious wiki, not that you guys aren't any fun but we haven't RPed in ages and a very high majority of my friends are on there. I know school and other things have been an issue for some of you, but even before all of the Car drama we had we never really RPed, and that's why we have this wiki mainly. But anyways I'm rambling. I probably will still be able to do the awards, but I will let you know Colin if I can't, since like I said our schedule for this month is really busy. Well yeah, I guess that's it guys. See you around! Much love,




Sorry if what I said above made you guys feel as though I hate you all or don't like spending time with you, that's not the case whatsoever. Another reason as to why I'm taking a break is because of the drama lately. My mom said that the fever I had last week was due to stressing out, and I think the whole drama with Car caused that. So yeah, if stuff like that makes me sick I need to take a break, don't you think? So yeah I'll always love you guys, it was mainly drama behind my taking a break.


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