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  • AriThereYet

    Leaving The Wiki

    September 7, 2012 by AriThereYet

    Hey guys. Yes, the words I thought I'd never be saying in a million years are being said: I'm leaving the Wiki.

    As I stated before in my previous post, the drama we had a week or so ago stressed me out greatly, and even gave me a fever, lol so I definitely needed a break.

    But lately I've been kinda absent from this wiki anyway. Again, not that you guys aren't my friends, because you no doubt's just that we've changed a lot. A whole lot. Some change is good, yes, but then again some change can be bad. I've felt that the changes we've been having lately have been negative rather than positive.

    Here's the real issue guys: the profanity. It's just been way too much. If you guys don't know already, I'm a Christian. I don't curse, and whene…

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  • AriThereYet

    Taking A Break

    September 4, 2012 by AriThereYet

    Hey guys! So I bear semi bad news. I've decided to take a break from this wiki. School is not only an issue for me, but this whole month is going to be jam packed for me and my family and I won't have much time to be on anyways. Besides all of that, I've been spending a lot of my time on the Victorious wiki, not that you guys aren't any fun but we haven't RPed in ages and a very high majority of my friends are on there. I know school and other things have been an issue for some of you, but even before all of the Car drama we had we never really RPed, and that's why we have this wiki mainly. But anyways I'm rambling. I probably will still be able to do the awards, but I will let you know Colin if I can't, since like I said our schedule fo…

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  • AriThereYet


    August 14, 2012 by AriThereYet

    Britt Nicole+Rade=Perfection. In my eyes, at least. LOL. I'll break it up into two parts.


    You keep trying to get inside my head

    While I keep trying to lose the words you said

    He carefully knelt down beside her, his hand gently gripping her shaking one. His face was so close to hers that she could feel his warm breath on her face. She knew that if she tried to scoot away, it wouldn’t work because he would just follow her every move like always.

    She turned her head away, refusing to look at him. More tears fell from her eyes, and she didn’t have to look in a mirror to know her mascara was running.

    She hated feeling like this. Broken, weak, vulnerable. They were words that nobody ever thought of associating with her personality.

    She was Jade …

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  • AriThereYet


    August 12, 2012 by AriThereYet

    Hey guys, it’s Ari. (Who else would it be?) I’ve got some kinda bad news.

    So, since I’m homeschooled I go back to school when my Dad does (he’s a music teacher), and I, just like EVERYBODY else assumed that the day he was supposed to go back to school was August 21st.

    Well, for whatever freakish and idiotic reason, he has to go back tomorrow….what’s even dumber, the students themselves go back on the 20th. THE 20th!!! WTH are the teachers and janitor’s gonna do in a freaking empty school!?! Ugh.

    Therefore this means that I will not be on tomorrow. In fact, I won’t be able to be on at all during the week. Mom is taking charge of my lessons this school year, so…I won’t even go into details with that. Let’s just say she’s a no-nonsense Mom—ther…

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  • AriThereYet

    Just Another Birthday

    August 11, 2012 by AriThereYet

    Hi guys! LOL, this is yet another fanfic. It's only gonna be three chapters, and it's my first attempt at Candré. I'm pretty sure Car will scream, LOL.

    Oh, it's based off the song by Casting Crowns. Check it out, it's a really good song

    With the biggest smile she could muster, Cat drew in a deep breath and blew out the 16 birthday candles decorated neatly atop the cake in front of her on the table.

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Her friends and family yelled, all smiles as they cheered and clapped, just for her.

    Frankie gave her a hug, and then ran off somewhere, probably to do something abnormal (an understatement when it came to him).

    Cat laughed brightly and gave her Jade the biggest bear hug ever. Although Jade initially frowned, the Gothic teen couldn’…

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