This is The Song Sang By The ICarly And Victorious Cast and Shown In The Crossover Episode IParty With Victorious.


I know you see somehow the world will change for me and be so wonderful.

Here I am, once again. Feeling lost but now and then.

Live Life! Breath Air, I know somehow were gonna get there and feel so wonderful!

When ya figure out how, your lost in the moment you disappear. It's all for real And I'm telling you just how I feel!

You dont have to be afraid to put your dreams in action Ya never gonna fade you'll be the main attraction

. Wake up the members of my nation its your time to be!

Not a Fantasy (not a fantasy)

Just remember me (just remember me) When it turns out right! ~(Turns out right)

Theres no chance unless you take one!

And the time to see Cause you know that if your living your imagination

tomorrow you'll be everybodys fascination!!!!

See the brighter side of every situation!

In my Victory (In my Victory) Just remember me! When i Make it Shine!

(Leave it all to me! Leave it all to me)

When I Make it Shine!&nbsp (Leave it all to me!!!!) Leave it all to me

When you live in your imagination

Leave it all to me!When I make It Shine!

Leave it Make it Leave it Make It Leave it Make It Leave it

All to me!! When I make it shine!!

Leave it all to me!!!!!