This is where you Can talk about the song, Favorite foods.

What I like about cheese,

is that you can put it on veggies, and it tastes,

Mmm mmm so good [Cat] (Yeah!)

I like to talk about food,

'Cuz it's my favorite thing to do,

Every treat from yellow to blue,

red to green, so lets all sing!

[Chorus] Tell me all about your favorite foods

, [Robbie] (Mine is pizza!)

[Jade] And I like hamburgers, too.

[Cat and Andre] I'll eat ice-cream cake,

till my tummy aches

But then here's what I'll do,

Here is what I'll do,

Share some of mine with you. (Yummy, yummy,) (Ooohh, in my tummy) (Ooohh, yummy yummy.) All of my favorite foods (Yummy, yummy) (Ooohh, in my tummy) (Ooohh, yummy yummy.)

Well, I like noodles in a bowl, Chicken nuggets make me lose control, 'Cause they taste Mmm, mmm, so good[Cat] (Yeah!)


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