• Dreamimpossiblethings


    October 15, 2014 by Dreamimpossiblethings

    idk why i keep making blogs here even though ive only made one

    i miss this place so much omg i seriously think about everything that happened here all the time

    the best thing is looking up carrocks123 on images and seeing the hilarity

    probably only ccg will see this since wikia still sends those annoying ass edit messages, which i got from rori wiki the other day ?? 

    this wiki has given me lots of great stories to tell people and just lots of stuff and bleh.

    so i am bored and just felt like posting this. its still unbelievable that all i did was go on victorious wiki chat one day and all of this happened. fights and everything, i miss all of this. well not the fights.

    and i know in 2012/13 i was an annoying bitch so yeah im sorry and i cringe ab…

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  • Baconlover06


    June 16, 2014 by Baconlover06
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  • Baconlover06


    OR LIZ




    its been 2 years people. the last time we talked as a wiki was summer 2012. its 2014. As I kmow We had problems. But , One more summer. Dont yall miss the late night tinys. 

    Okay , So Ill be Super Active On ALL three wikis And My Social  Networking, If anyone wants to reunite , Ashley and I text everyday and are super clo…

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  • Dreamimpossiblethings

    omg. i'm crying i feel like i opened a time capsule this wiki

    if anyone actually sees this, haaaaaay

    oh btw im car

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  • Baconlover06


    August 6, 2013 by Baconlover06


    I like potatoes.





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  • Cakedude222
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  • ImmaFatCake

    Hey everyone! Time to vote for the November Featured Articles! Vote below plz. And since we don't roleplay much anymore, now the Featured Roleplay category is closing soon. Featured Articles of December will be the last for Featured Roleplay. User Shipping will also end for December, since basically all user ships have died. So make sure you make every vote count!

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  • Firefang596


    September 30, 2012 by Firefang596

    Okay, so I know I don't usually carry on a fanfic for too long. I wanna change that. Message me ideas and if I like it ill start it. BEGIN!

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  • BatRade101


    September 29, 2012 by BatRade101

    Im sorry To Say This. After all This time,Im Leaving The Wiki,Not forever,Just not Going to be here alot,Ill Be on chat and all.This is why im leaving,

    1.When i was Writing "Party" around Chapter 8.People started making fun of my typing,That really upset me,Deeply,It was NOT funny at all.

    Im sorry to say that,Its Nobodys Fault but Mine,Hate me now,I Can take it

    Reach me At:

    The South Middle St.Adventures Wiki

    Ava & Dorian Series Wiki



    Victorious Wiki


    and Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 Wiki

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  • Soupperson1


    September 28, 2012 by Soupperson1

    We all love halloween!!!!! Coz 1.You get loads of sweets or candy 2.You get to be scary n stuff 3.Its Irish! XD

    So heres the plan, taken we can all webcam (We'll find a way kate) we all go on at night turn teh lights off and get a flashlight, and tell "SCARY" XD Stories,and if this happens at least trow on somthing as a costume xD

    Prizes so far include:

    Best pumkin

    Best Coustume

    (More coming soon I hope)

    Why am I making this blog now?

    Coz 1.we need plenty of notice and 2. If this happens DO NOT GET GROUNDED!!!!!!!!! 3.Have your scary stories ready if this happens

    I tried too keep this short and sweet

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Well the very confusing title explains it all. But here is why.

    So obviously school is taking a toll on all of us being on chat. Chat has been pretty dead lately because of that. In addition, high school makes you SUPER busy, and my mom is now really strict about my computer usage.

    So in addition to school work, I am also testing for my next black belt degree. It is hard to pass the test. And the test is 6-7 hours of work. 6-9ish PM on Friday and 9-12ish AM on Saturday. I need to do a lot of training in the next 6 weeks to be ready for it. The test is in mid-November.

    Even MORE to add to that is my working on Drew and other stuff. I feel really passionate about it, and at least some people are actually looking forward to it.

    So I am going to h…

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  • BatRade101

    Hi,This is Week 2 Vote off!

    Who Will Be Voted Off For Blue? BLUE ONLY Dil33 BatPeddieSeddieSibuna Paperunicorn Tolu twyla

    Who will be Voted off Red? RED ONLY Baconlover06 Soupperson1 Cutecoolgirl2000 Firefang596

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  • BatRade101

    Result of Team Game 9-21-12

    September 21, 2012 by BatRade101

    Hi! Its Friday and Its Time To Reveal Losers Of Week 1

    Blue Team Loser Is......


    He Had 2/3 Votes and He Got Voted Off.

    Red Team Loser is


    She had 1/1 Votes.

    Congratz All Others For Moving On To Week 2! I Will Announce Week 2 Losers: Friday,September 28

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  • BatRade101

    My Fake House Tour

    September 18, 2012 by BatRade101

    Hai As Your Probaly Not Wondering. What does My Fake House Look Like?. Well Today,I Will Show You What It Looks Like.

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  • BatRade101

    Red Vote Off

    September 16, 2012 by BatRade101

    This is where You can vote Off From Team 2 (Team 2 ONLY) Can vote here.I Will Reveal The Loser Friday

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  • BatRade101

    Blue Vote Off

    September 16, 2012 by BatRade101

    This Is Where Team 1 (Aka Blue)n will Vote Off a Person from There Team

    Who do you want To Be Voted Off Dil33 Tolu twyla ImmaFatCake BatPeddieSeddieSibuna Paperunicorn

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  • BatRade101

    A Game

    September 16, 2012 by BatRade101

    Ok,This is My First User Team Game Thing,But i Assigned You Guys Into Two Groups


    Tolu twyla

    ImmaFatCake (Elimnated)







    Cabbiefan101 (Elimnated)

    Ok,Everybody will Decide a Team Captin (In The Comments,Not Chat) and Every Week People in your Other group will Vote One of your Group Member's Off.The Challenge is Too See How Much This Wiki is Important To That Team,If They Get a Question Wrong,The Team That Gets It Wrong is The Elimanation Team,The Founder (CCG) Will Vote A Person off and The Other (Team Capatian) will vote the Other off.

    The Game will Start Friday September 21,2012,So Be There or Be Square (As Colin says)


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  • Paperunicorn


    September 11, 2012 by Paperunicorn

    So yeah, I'm grounded for a week. Porbably won't see me on chat unless I sneak on.

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  • BatRade101

    Party (User Fanfic)

    September 9, 2012 by BatRade101

    Hai This is The BIG Sequel To Vacation Disaster With Better Spelling

    Pairings: Cori,Cossette,Duni

    User's Involved:Tolu,Cara,Bacon,Colin,Dil,Ari,Uni,Alisha

    Aka: This is My Last Cori fanfic,Due To Ari's Leaving,But I Will Do Cori one shot's

    Dylan comes Bursting Into The Room,Like A Monkey,Jumping Up and Down

    OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG Dylan Says

    Larkin comes Bursting Out Of Her Room,Sleepy

    WHAT?! Larkin says

    Its Been 10 Years Since We Made Cheese and Crakers Wiki! Dylan Says

    OMFG,OMFG Larkin Says

    Dont Care Larkin just Lays On the Couch,Falls Asleep

    Dylan Throws A Pillow at Her,

    HOW WHAT WHEN Larkin says

    HAHAHAHHAHAH Dylan says

    -_- Larkin says

    Now,Lets See, What To Do, Dylan says Walking

    What.About.A.Party? Larkin says

    OMFG YES! *Hugs Larkin*

    Ok.. Whos The First Guess? L…

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  • ImmaFatCake

    • Cat Valentine - 1st Place
    • Jade West - 2nd Place
    • Andre Harris - 3rd Place
    • Trina Vega - 3rd Place
    • Robbie Shapiro - 3rd Place
    • Tori Vega - Nominated
    • Beck Oliver - Nominated

    • Erwin Sikowitz - 1st Place
    • Fawn Lebalwitz a.k.a. Ponnie - 2nd Place
    • Sinjin Van Cleef - 3rd Place
    • Burf - 3rd Place

    • Ariana Grande - 1st Place
    • Victoria Justice - 2nd Place
    • Avan Jogia - 2nd Place
    • Matt Bennett - 3rd Place
    • Elizabeth Gillies - 3rd Place

    • Freak The Freak Out - 1st Place
    • Tori The Zombie - 2nd Place
    • The Diddly-Bops - 2nd Place
    • Sleepover At Sikowitz - 2nd Place
    • Survival Of The Hottest - 3rd Place
    • Rex Dies - 3rd Place
    • Pilot - 3rd Place

    • Ice Cream For Ke$ha - 1st Place
    • Jade Gets Crushed - 1st Place
    • Locked Up! - 2nd Place
    • Beggin On Your Knees - 3rd Place
    • Terror On Cupcake Street - 3rd Place

    • Tori Goe…

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Hey guys! It is time to vote for the featured articles of October! And with the new month of voting comes... User Ship voting! I chose 5 ships for October, but start nominating other ships for November in the comments!

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  • Baconlover06

    As everyone knows, Areh Is leaving the wiki.  :( [If you dont know read her blog!] Anyways remember we cant make her stay, its her choice. But we can always visit at the Vic wiki! :D

    So In GREAT Honor of all the friendship, The editing, and being an epicly aweshome Big Sister, This is for you Ari!

    I know its cheesy..But oh well xD

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  • Soupperson1

    News,Read all,or else

    September 7, 2012 by Soupperson1



    First off Ari's leaving and probally not come back,we'll all miss her deeply,the good news is she'll be on main chat

    But ari leaving will also mean were dropping like flies,and we all may leave soon :(

    Dead Chat

    thanks alot school!

    We have too do somthing about this dead chat 24/7,sign times? i dunno


    We should rp more often,thats one of the points of this wiki right

    I sujest we sign roleplay times and ideas and such,so if you have a great idea we could rp it

    Z! and Car

    Banned forever

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  • AriThereYet

    Leaving The Wiki

    September 7, 2012 by AriThereYet

    Hey guys. Yes, the words I thought I'd never be saying in a million years are being said: I'm leaving the Wiki.

    As I stated before in my previous post, the drama we had a week or so ago stressed me out greatly, and even gave me a fever, lol so I definitely needed a break.

    But lately I've been kinda absent from this wiki anyway. Again, not that you guys aren't my friends, because you no doubt's just that we've changed a lot. A whole lot. Some change is good, yes, but then again some change can be bad. I've felt that the changes we've been having lately have been negative rather than positive.

    Here's the real issue guys: the profanity. It's just been way too much. If you guys don't know already, I'm a Christian. I don't curse, and whene…

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    This is how she got on Wikia.

    A response to your review at
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. :) 6/11 No problem. I've actually been reading a lot of your Bat fan fics before I got this account, and it's true. Tell me if your parents let you be on, all right? 6/12

    Kay-kay I will. :) I love your profile pic, too. It's from Crazy Ponnie, right? That had boatloads of Bat in it. it was SO cute! ^^ 6/12

    Yeah, I'm a wikier, and I got my pic from there. It's my same avatar from Wikia. :) 6/12

    ) I loved how even though Cat ran to both Beck and André when Jade was chasing her, she hugged and held onto Beck for protection, and he didn't mind. :) My friend Jess and I were saying how she so likes him, on and offscr…

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  • Paperunicorn

    Regarding Dead Chat

    September 7, 2012 by Paperunicorn

    Ok...So chat has been dead lately...24/7...And we need to put a stop to it. So yeah.

    • Whenever you go online, go to Cheeseandcrackers. And if you don't already, there's something wrong going on in your head. XD
    • Always always always go to chat, even if no one is there. A lot of times when no one is on chat, no one even bothers going on there.
    • If you see a C&C Wikian online any other website (Twitter, Victorious Wiki, etc.) tell them to go on chat if they aren't already!
    • Make chat interesting.
    • If you see chat is slow and dying, pump up the jams. :D Pop questions that make you think, interesting topics, that stuff...
    • If you're on Tinychat, try to type the link every once in a while, and try to write something on C&C every 5 minutes.
    • Stop. Doing. Home…

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  • AriThereYet

    Taking A Break

    September 4, 2012 by AriThereYet

    Hey guys! So I bear semi bad news. I've decided to take a break from this wiki. School is not only an issue for me, but this whole month is going to be jam packed for me and my family and I won't have much time to be on anyways. Besides all of that, I've been spending a lot of my time on the Victorious wiki, not that you guys aren't any fun but we haven't RPed in ages and a very high majority of my friends are on there. I know school and other things have been an issue for some of you, but even before all of the Car drama we had we never really RPed, and that's why we have this wiki mainly. But anyways I'm rambling. I probably will still be able to do the awards, but I will let you know Colin if I can't, since like I said our schedule fo…

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  • Baconlover06
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  • ImmaFatCake

    Sorry for the 2 day late-ness. Some problems had to be fixed with production and editing. But Episode 4 will be out September 8th!

    Colin: What is your favorite Wiki?

    Uni: This one, duh.

    Colin: You have 60 seconds to name as many Victorious episodes as you can… and… go!

    Uni: The Blonde Squad Breakfast Bunch Sleepover at Sikowitz Andres Horrible Girl iparty with victorious locked up the bird scene stage fighting the diddlybops terror on cupcake street

    Colin: ERRG! STOP u cheated. u started typing before I said go

    Uni: DID NOT

    Colin: ahan

    Uni: yah got no proof

    Colin: fine, then I will end the interview XD

    Uni: NOOOOO i'll play for realzies

    Colin: ok



    Uni: iOpen A Restaurant

    Colin: wrong show XD

    Uni: ik

    Colin: -_- goodbye

    Uni: glorby sue

    (This intervie…

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  • Baconlover06


    August 30, 2012 by Baconlover06

    Well i have bad news. I wont be on until next thursday, I got grounded for going to my friends house.. so ill be back soon!



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  • ReadySetR5

    NOTE: I do not have a Fanfiction account because I dunno how to make fanfics.

    Title: Hollywood Graduations

    • Tori, Cat, Jade, Beck, Andre, and Robbie are in the Hollywood Arts hallway*

    Tori: I can't believe we graduate from Hollywood Arts in two weeks!

    Jade: *turns to Tori* You can celebrate next week, Vega!

    Tori: I'm surprised that Trina hasn't graduated yet!

    Cat: We all can see why.

    Andre: Trina's way too untalented to graduate from a performing arts high school.

    Jade: Agreed.

    Cat: I'm just glad that my boyfriend gave up Rex.

    Robbie: Thank you, Cat!

    Beck: I just wanna do one last play before the graduation.

    Trina: *walks in* Hey guys!

    Tori: Hi Trina.

    Jade: Ugh! Why is she here?!

    Beck: Jade.... come with me. *Jade and Beck walk to the Janitor's Closet to …

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Colored Comments

    August 27, 2012 by ImmaFatCake

    Yo this be Colin, here for a story.

    One day, Mr. Colin was strolling through chat with some other folks when Cara blurted out "Hey Colin. Are we gonna have colored comments again?" So CCG and Colin had an admin meeting (Ari was not present during the strolling) and decided to bring back colored comments. *this is where you cheer* So we need you to choose your colors, that being if you want colored comments. It is okay if you wish to not. But there are some rules that have been added now.

    1) No colors too bright. It is annoying to the eyes for some people.

    2) No red. Or atleast the normal red. In addition to it being hard to read, it also falls under the previous rule.

    3) .... Lemme think.... oh, right! No colors too dark. Examples:

    • If you reque…
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  • Baconlover06





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  • ImmaFatCake

    Colin: What is your favorite Wiki?

    Tolu: Obviously this wiki!

    Colin: You have 60 seconds to name as many Victorious episodes as you can… and… go!


    · Freak the Freak Out!

    · Cat's New Boyfriend

    · Tori Goes Platinum

    · Wi-Fi in the Sky

    · Jade Dumps Beck

    · Survival of the Hottest

    · Tori the Zombie

    · The Worst Couple

    Colin: Why do you ship your OTP? (Tandré in this case).

    Tolu: Cuz they have so much in common, and they obviously spend a lot of time together!

    Colin: What’s your favorite color?

    Tolu: Yellow.

    Colin: If you had to ship your female OTP partner (Tori in this case) with someone else, then who would it be?

    Tolu: Beck.

    Colin: Why?

    Tolu: Cuz I don't want to pair her with Robbie... and Beck's next on my list!

    Colin: If you had to ship your male OTP partner (Andr…

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  • BatRade101

    Why i Ship Joah

    August 24, 2012 by BatRade101

    Ok,It started On the 22 of August.It was My Dream

    WARNING:This contains Boy x Boy.If u no like DONT READ.

    And Tom Isint Tom Daley :)

    Dylan,Tom,John and Noah were over a sleepover. and they were Playing truth or dare

    Ok,Truth or dare John and Noah! Tom askes

    DARE! They Both say.

    I Dare You..To.....KISS! :D Tom askes

    0__0 Dylan Face Reacted

    Uhhhh.Okay They both say.willingly

    They Uhh *KISS* And They Dont Break apart.

    Dylan said.BREAK IT UP! *Slapping them*

    They didnt Break Up.Tom and Dylan Walk Inside.Then After 20min They went asleep


    Tom and Dylan see John and Noah holding hands and Playing Mario Kart 7.

    Hi? Dylan says

    They Walk Over To Them.Holding Hands.Still

    Guys...We gotta tell you something John said

    Huh? Dylan said

    Were...Dating Noah…

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  • Firefang596

    It was a typical day in District 69. I woke up to my lil sis Liz screaming. "Shh shh. It was just a dream Liz." I comforted her. "Your name's only in the poll once. It won't get picked." As i'm walking downstairs our cat Smudge growls. "I'll still shoot you." I says coldly. In the forest I grabs my bow & arrows. I spot a deer. Right as I let the arrow fly, Dylan comes and says loudly, "So how ya doin?" he smiles obnoxiously. "BLARGH IT DYLAN! THAT WAS THE FIRST DEER IVE SEEN IN A YEAR AND NOW I HAVE NOTHING." He sits down and I sit next to him. "Here." he says and tosses me bread. "OH MY GOD!" I say, "IS THIS REAL?" He smirks. "It better be, it cost me a bird." as they're eating, he says "We could go ya know. Away from here." I smirk. "Liz…

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  • BatRade101

    Another Blargh Day On Cheeseandcrakers wiki chat.

    ~Dil33 has Enter'd Sikowitz Class~~

    ~Catalisha53 has Enter'd Sikowitz Class~

    ~ReadySetR5 Has Enterd Sikowitz Class~

    ~Firefang596 has Enterd Sikowitz Class~

    ~Soupperson1 has Enterd Sikowitz Class~

    TBC Blargh.

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  • Carrocks123

    ~~Carina Bailey~~

    August 20, 2012 by Carrocks123

    This is my massive 67 chapter story! It's a version of Lizzie McGuire, but with US instead! Every episode of Lizzie McGuire will have an episode. This first chapter, if you can count it is Chapter 0 which will explain the character 's and will be like a biography. Then comes the first chapter, the prologue. ENJOY!!

    Carina "Car" Nicole Bailey is the shy main character of the show. She is portrayed as a clumsy teen who dreams to fit in and be popular, although her thoughts display her true feelings from time to time. Car constantly gets into arguments with her younger brother Dil, but knows right from wrong. She's a straight-B student. Car's favorite color is purple.

    Aria-Jade "Ari" Isabella Smith is Car's best friend; she, Car, and Michael form…

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  • Baconlover06

    not feeling so well

    August 20, 2012 by Baconlover06

    hey guys I'm having really bad headaches for some reason and my brother thinks it's cuz of spending too much time

    on the wikia/computer, so I might not be on as often, and of course I have to put my health before wikia, so I'm taking a break

    Much love and Kisses,



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  • Greenisnotacreativecolor

    World War III has ended. Nations all around the world have suffered heavy losses. Everyone everywhere is mourning their dead. At the worst time, the dolphins attack.

    They start out by attacking swimmers (as usual), and then they work their way up to large ships. You must be thinking, "How can dolphins take down a large ship?" The answer is quite simple, they use their high pitched, particle-destructing sonar (Similar to the ultrasound used to breakup kidney stones) to attack the weak spots on the ship or they could gain assistance from whales. After the ships have sunk, the dolphins will use the wreckage to assemble vehicles that allow the dolphins to move about on land. These "dolphin vehicles" could be equipped with primitive weapons such…

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  • Cutecoolgirl2000


    August 19, 2012 by Cutecoolgirl2000

    Carrocks123 SHUT UP AND ANSWER ME YOU STUPID PEOPLE!! 2:36 Paperunicorn I love it! 2:36 Dil33 I Saw 2:36 BatRadeTandré ^ 2:36 Paperunicorn we're not stupid 2:36 Carrocks123 JUST STOP AND ANSWER ME 2:36 BatRadeTandré What's the question? 2:36 Carrocks123 AND STOP IGNORING ME 2:36 BatRadeTandré I didn't SEE the question 2:36 Dil33 Thanks Car,So much. 2:36 BatRadeTandré Repeat it and calm down 2:36 Carrocks123 SERIOUSLY I HATE YOU ALL 2:36 BatRadeTandré ..... 2:37 Paperunicorn its a wikia i had to make 2:37 BatRadeTandré Oh lord 2:37 Carrocks123 (ANGRY) 2:37 BatRadeTandré CAR 2:37 Dil33 ...... 2:37 Carrocks123 (angry) 2:37 Paperunicorn -_- 2:37 BatRadeTandré CALM DOWN Repeat the question already! 2:37 Paperunicorn because if not i wouldve bee…

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Here is the series premiere of Interviews With Users! This episode: Ari!

    NOTE: This is a work of non-fiction. Some parts may have been edited in order to fit or clarify better. Note that this episode was produced before Ari started liking Bori more.

    Colin: What is your favorite Wiki?

    Ari: The Victorious RP Club Wiki!

    Colin: You have 60 seconds to name as many Victorious episodes as you can… and… go!


    • A Film By Dale Squires
    • Robarazzi
    • Freak The Freak Out
    • The Worst Couple
    • Tori The Zombie
    • Pilot
    • The Bird Scene
    • André's Horrible Girl
    • Tori Goes Platinum
    • The Blonde Squad
    • Wi-Fi in the Sky
    • Terror On Cupcake Street

    Colin: Why do you ship your OTP? (Bat in this case).

    Ari: (Colin summarizing) Beck is protective of Cat, as shown in “André’s Horrible Girl” and “Crazy Pon…

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Hey guys. So yeah, I will be absent much of the next week or so. Hopefully not much more after that. My parents decided that this weekend we would replace my bedroom carpet and paint.

    1) I have to move out all of the furniture in my room tomorrow. (August 18th).

    2) I will be painting with my mom and dad Sunday. (August 19th).

    3) I have to sleep in my sis's room for a couple of days while she sleeps in the basement while my room gets done. I will have less privacy/sneak-on time because of that.

    I'm sorry this is happening now, but it was gonna happen sooner or later xD. And do not worry. I have a commitment ot the Wiki Awards and I will be here for it and WILL release stuff on time. Promise. Which reminds me, nominate now before Midnight (Augus…

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  • Baconlover06

    on my phone

    August 17, 2012 by Baconlover06

    I'm on my phone right now so if you wanna talk ro me comment because my stupid phone doesn't work with chat :)

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  • TheBunnysAvailable


    August 16, 2012 by TheBunnysAvailable

    Ooh! The Bunny's Available! I LOVE CAT VALENTINE!!!

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  • Rori FTW


    August 16, 2012 by Rori FTW

    How hot do monkeys kiss!

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  • Carrocks123


    August 16, 2012 by Carrocks123

    ok so the computers at my hotel won't let me chat, so just comment here if you need to talk to me. I miss you guys! ( I cried for 3 hours when I saw that I missed our first rp.. could'nt you have waited for me! ;( THANKS FOR MAKING ME CRY AND WEEP FOR A FREAKING NEARLY FOUR HOURS I AM SO ANGRY ;(

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  • Baconlover06

    As everyone knows Ive started school. *Wakes up at 6 in da morning* If anyone wants to see me early, Go at 6:30 AM [Est]I usaully get home at 4 PM, So yea. Then I'LL go to sleep at like 11 or 10, or whenever my mom starts going Cuban


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  • Soupperson1

    Song fic of:Carly Rae Jespen Talk to me(Its a really good song)

    Every Morning as I go walkin by,I feel you Looking that’s why I take my time,Oh oh yeah

    Robbie walks to school everyday and allways see Jade looking at him but never meets his eyes,as he walks into the school

    I can see what’cha you wanna do to me

    Robbie sees Jade doodling a picture he peeks a look over her shoulder and sees a pic of a girl with long black hair kissing a guy with culry hair,Robbie*thinks*that’s Rade

    You can feel it somethings gonna breakJade turns around and bangs Robbie’s head “clutz” Jade growls and puts her hand against her head.

    Im in if your in lets make a big mistake

    Robbie*thinks*the worst she can say is no,“Jade wanna have lunch with me at Nozu“ Jade*thinks*im…

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  • AriThereYet


    August 14, 2012 by AriThereYet

    Britt Nicole+Rade=Perfection. In my eyes, at least. LOL. I'll break it up into two parts.


    You keep trying to get inside my head

    While I keep trying to lose the words you said

    He carefully knelt down beside her, his hand gently gripping her shaking one. His face was so close to hers that she could feel his warm breath on her face. She knew that if she tried to scoot away, it wouldn’t work because he would just follow her every move like always.

    She turned her head away, refusing to look at him. More tears fell from her eyes, and she didn’t have to look in a mirror to know her mascara was running.

    She hated feeling like this. Broken, weak, vulnerable. They were words that nobody ever thought of associating with her personality.

    She was Jade …

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